Atelier Nature House  
Atelier Nature House
Wild grass reborn
Wild grass reborn Twigs revive Amazing Nature! roots about us getting here
Profile of craft artists who love Nature

Self build log-cabin

We live in the Hakuba Mountains area.
It is the deepest place called Misorano.
There is no house ahead.
So it is the border between human society and nature world.
A little stream flows down to a back yard, and the slope of a mountain starts.

Our workshop

We are working here on green season.
Deep snow lies in winter.
We might travel to "Deep Nature" on the season.
It is the most peaceful place on the earth.


Juro Kamoda

91 Built a log cabin at the deepest place in Hakuba mountains as a "hiding place".
93 Craft workshop Nature House opened.
94 Retired from city, start a country life in Hakuba.
96 First solo exhibition at Nagano,
Tokyo department store exhibitors etc.
And, also creating website.


02 Moved to Hakuba
12 Aroma coordinator Licensing
14 Making the new series "Wild grass Jewelry"
Writing a blog and Facebook
Please, watch them!

We send a New Year's card like this every year...
a New Year's card

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Atelier Nature House